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#80 – Tech News & AMA #10 – اسألني أي شيء الحلقة العاشرة وجديد عالم التقنية


Tech News & AMA #10 with our community members Mohamed,Meriem , soufiane, Abderahim and Youssouf . We discuss the latest Tech News during this episode, and we answer audience questions about programming, community, new technologies, and much more.


Soubai Abderahim:

Soufian El Foukahi:

Mohamed Ez-zarghili:

Meriem Zaid:

Youssouf El Azizi:


0:00:00 – Intro and welcoming.
0:03:00 – updates from our guests about their learning experience in the last months.
0:07:00 – New javascript build tools using no-js language such us esbuild, snowpack…
0:27:00 – Expo vs React Native.
0:46:00 – Abderahim experience with s7aba podcast.
0:52:00 – Advice to find internships.
1:00:00 – Generalist vs specialist
1:06:00 – Ramadan and productivity
1:12:00 – Apple event M1 in ipad pro…
1:20:00 – Nvidia new SoCs for cars and other plans to take over server workloads
1:24:00 – Google rolling FLoC out to tester and the resistance from the industry and community
1:32:00 – Generalist vs specialist
1:40:00 – QA
2:51:00 – Wrap up and goodbye.


DevC Challenge:…



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