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A drop of water

When your water source is an open stream or a dirty well, a drop of water can hide thousands of deadly bacteria.

A single drop of water.

When it hasn’t rained for months, a drop of water is a jewel of hope.

Every drop counts.

Our lives depend on having right clean water. Without clean water to drink people can’t live. Without clean water for their crops or livestock, they can’t eat or earn a living. If their water isn’t clean they won’t be healthy. If their water source is far away they have to spend their days carrying it. This means they can’t go to work or school.

1 in every 9 people in the world lives this way, but the solutions are clear.

Deep wells that draw from clean underground springs, sanitation facilities to protect drinking water from pollution and irrigation systems so farmers can grow their food even when there is not enough rain.

Village by village Islamic Relief’s water projects change lives. The people in these villages can lead healthier lives and grow enough food. And now they can spend their days learning or working to help end the cycle of poverty.

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