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Aly & AJ Detail Their “Unique” Bond in Potentially the Sweetest Chat


It’s safe to say there is zero potential of an Aly & AJ breakup.

In an exclusive interview with E! News, airing on March 22, Aly and AJ Michalka show just how in sync they are when it comes to their music career of almost two decades. When sharing the best part about working together as sisters, the pair says in unison, “It’s very unique.”

“We finish each other’s sentences,” notes Aly, 33. “It’s unlike any other friendship [or] relationship you have in your life. A sibling is very sacred.”

She continues, “The fact that we were able share this space together for so many years and to have each other to lean on, to support each other, makes the ride so much better. We always talk about how we wouldn’t be interested in doing this if we were solo artists.”

In fact, the two, who have each carved their own paths as actors, are game to team up on screen as well. As AJ, 31, explains, “If the right thing came or we developed something together that really felt like us and our bond was being portrayed correctly on screen—which I think is tricky actually to get right—I would definitely do it.”

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