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Angelica Ross’ “Only You” is the Pride Anthem You’ve Been Waiting For


Angelica Ross wants to be your choice for song of the summer. 

After starring as the lip-syncing Candy Ferocity on POSE, the 41-year-old is now taking her talents to the airwaves, dropping the sultry single “Only You” in honor of Pride this month

“It’s really about understanding love,” Ross exclusively told E! News of the song. “I needed to love myself more, and when I got to that point, that’s when people started coming into my life who want to love me as much as I love myself.”

For the accompanying music video, the transgender actress set out to empower viewers by embracing her body. “A lot of times trans bodies have either been fetishized,” she said, “or just not seen in a good light at all. I wanted to give the children some eye candy and see a Black trans woman’s body on screen being loved and lit in beautiful lighting.”

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