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Best Bookstores In The USA | Come Book Shopping With Me


From Tampa, Florida to Scottsdale, Arizona, here are the best bookstores in the United States!

Side Note: these are just my personal favorite bookstores thus far on my travels (I love going book shopping in every city I visit). This is by no means a comprehensive list (I have a HUGE bookstore bucket list that I’m still trying to work my way through).

Come Book Shopping With Me Footage Filmed:
Dallas, Texas: January 2021
Tampa, Florida: August 2019
Nashville, Tennessee: January 2020
Albuquerque, New Mexico: Spring 2019
Jackson, Mississippi: February 2019
Scottsdale, Arizona: December 2019
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: August 2019
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: February 2020

Book Haul:
– The Code Talker

AAPI Owned Bookstores:


00:00​ Introduction
00:25​ Half Price Books
01:44 Oxford Exchange
02:53 The Bookshop
04:11 Treasure House Books
05:32 Lemuria Books
07:49 Anticus
09:12 Full Circle Bookstore
10:24 Uncle Bobbie’s Coffee & Books

About Me:
Hi, my name’s Anshula. I’m a small-town loving, big city girl with a crush on the world. I also love reading.

Travel Stories (Ft. Bookstores Mentioned):

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