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Bruce Sampson: Getting Young People Involved In Music, Dance & Theater Arts


I am so thrilled about today’s episode, where a really special guest stops by to chat. Today’s show features a dear friend and proverbial big brother of mine, Bruce Sampson. Bruce Sampson is the Director and Producer of the Believe Performance Arts Experience. At a very early age, Bruce became clear about the fact that he wanted to build a life and a career around music and the cultural arts. His parents, both educators and his father a musician, had a huge impact on his love for music. It was a single moment of watching a young Jackson 5 that lit a fire inside of him that has lived on for more than 3 decades. There have been many others along his artistic path who have an influenced and deepened his love for the arts. Bruce left our hometown of Bogalusa, Louisiana after completing High School and rarely looked back. He briefly attended Loyola University in New Orleans, La. until he realized he didn’t want to do “music”, he just wanted to sing! He then joined forced with the Young Americans, an International Music Outreach Tour., where he worked as an entertainer in a Music House in Atlanta, Ga. This is where he got his first real taste of life as an entertainer. He would re-join them later and began to cut his teeth on being a part of the production team and learned how to craft a show from beginning to end. Bruce is a talented, national and internationally published Writer, Arranger, Director and Producer of theatrical events that have appeared on stages across the globe. He is also a Speaker and Educator who intends to inspire the world’s youth to dream BIG, and never let their circumstances get in their way as an excuse. Bruce has made an incredible contribution to the cultural arts community, and his daughters have followed in his footsteps to blaze their own trails in the same world of theatrical performance.

Bruce’s seasonal Believe Camp will be taking place across several areas in the Southeast United States region this coming Summer 2022. If you would like to learn more or consider having the Believe Camp grace your city or town and inspire your youth to dream big and go for what they want in life, the organization can be contacted through their website – You may also connect to, follow and/or contact Bruce directly via LinkedIn.

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