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Casper vs. Thackery Binx: And the Ultimate ’90s Ghost Crush Is…


The Legacy: Alright, this is tough, because you need to separate the characters from the movies’ legacies. While both Casper and Hocus Pocus have endured as Halloween classics and two of the season’s most beloved (and played) films, Hocus Pocus‘ legend has only grown with time, turning into a cult classic that wasn’t fully appreciated when it was released in July 1993.

Freeform always kicks off its iconic 31 Days of Halloween programming with Hocus Pocus, and will literally play it for 24 hours straight on Halloween. Plus, its long-awaited sequel finally premiered on Sept. 30 and quickly set a steaming record for Disney+. So, when it comes to his movie’s legacy, the winner is Thackery.

However, when it comes to character legacy, Casper has the advantage, as the character spawned a few direct-to-film sequels, video games and a hit animated series. Thackery, meanwhile, has endured more as a confusing object of our adolescent affection and some people still think his name is Zackary.

Winner: Casper. 

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