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Chris Hemsworth Reveals His Dream Co-Star


“I remember in the first Thor film, I had my shirt off,” Chris said. “And then I thought, ‘You know what? In 10, 11 years from now, I’m gonna take it all off and that’s gonna be the pinnacle of my career, or the end of it.'”

Christian Bale also went through quite the physical transformation to play the villainous Gorr the God Butcher, a role in which he said he sometimes took “way too far.” As Bale told Daily Pop, “Taika [Waititi] had to cut some of those things. It’s a family movie, after all.”

“We didn’t want to have people running for the exits,” he added. “But, wonderful vibe on the set and I was very grateful to be able to play dress up in that way and be as creepy as I got to be.”

Co-star Tessa Thompson—who returns at the warrior Valkyrie (now King Valkyrie)—also enjoyed playing around on set, revealing that a scene of her licking a sword was totally improvised.

“I thought it was fun,” she told Daily Pop before assuring it was all done safely. “I know in the time of COVID, licking surfaces is not a great idea, but I did have it on my person for all the concerned people.”

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