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Endeavour | Alternate Future of The United States – S1 E5 | "Buildup to War"


The mystery character’s second attempt is underway this time with a new leading country. Great powers seek to establish their forces everywhere causing massive wars occur, but when will the war to end all wars occur?

This is for entertainment purposes only. It is not meant to offend any race, culture, religion or background. It is also not meant to be realistic. This is not meant to promote any propaganda and the opinions in this video do not represent my opinions. It is a work of fiction which means it is FAKE. Do not complain about the contents of the video unless you are trying to make constructive criticism.
Please enjoy!



Audiomachine – Blitzkrieg :
Sad Dramatic Trailer (Creative Commons) :
Shiro Sagisu – Lucifer’s Dance (Rayden Remix) :

None of the music used in this video are mine. All credit goes to the owners.

Outro Music: Fist Bump Instrumental (Full Version) :


Created with IbisPaintX and edited with InShot.


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