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Every Netflix Game, Ranked From Worst to Best


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Netflix wants you to keep your account… No, Netflix NEEDS you to keep your account. So, in order to keep you around, the company needs to give you other reasons to paying your monthly tithe. And it seems to believe a pivot to mobile video games might do the trick.

If you weren’t paying attention to trade news last November, it’s likely you had no idea Netflix offers games. But the company has slowly built up a catalog of 23 titles, and according to Variety, they’re planning more based on shows like Shadow and Bone, Too hot to Handle, and Money Heist.

Not only that, but Netflix announced it had signed deals with respected game studios like Subset Games, the makers of Into the Breach (coming to Netflix July 19th), and Night School Studio, the makers of adventure game Oxenfree.

Apparently, the streaming giant wants to remain coy about the future of its gaming suite. The company’s Head of External Games Leanne Loombe told guests at the Tribeca Film Festival June 13 Netflix wants to keep things quiet “because we’re still learning and experimenting and trying to figure out what things are actually going to resonate with our members.”

Considering the company is not looking too hot financially, we might see its experimental phase shift into overdrive soon.

Netflix’s stock price is down by 68 percent year-to-date and has cut around 150 staff from its animation teams and social media accounts. Last week, it announced another 300 axed personnel across three continents. The company wants more subscribers and for current users to keep their accounts in perpetuity, but those fired writers wrote that Netflix is failing to promote what it’s got on offer, to its own detriment.

So you won’t find it mentioned anywhere on your Netflix subscription but the company already has mobile games available for download if you have an account. (You’ll also have to jump through some hoops to get these titles on your device.) But are these offerings hidden gems or hidden with good reason? We played them all so you don’t have to and ranked them from worst to best.

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