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Flying to Europe 2022 | Travel Restrictions? | USA to Switzerland on SWISS | Cheap Flights to Europe


What’s it like flying to Europe in 2022? Masks? Vaccines? Negative tests? Forms? Come and see as we fly from Nashville, Tennessee, USA to Geneva, Switzerland on SWISS!

How to make your airport travel days easier and cheaper? Learn more about the 4 strategies we share in today’s video:

00:00 Flying in 2022: Back to Normal?
01:06 Confusing Mask Policies
02:07 4 Tips to Make Airport Travel Cheaper & Easier
04:06 Boarding our Flight to Switzerland
04:45 Switzerland Travel Restrictions
05:12 Seat Tour
05:35 Dinner & Bathroom Tour
06:27 Breakfast


Sometimes people ask us how we get cheap flights to Europe or which are the best airlines to fly to Europe. It’s not a magic formula. In fact, we score the cheapest flights to Europe for FREE…thanks to travel credit cards! 💳

➡️ 3 Best Travel Credit Cards in 2022:

Fly to Europe: 😷Masks? 💉Vaccines? ❌Negative tests? 📄Forms?
We’re sharing our entire experience of flying to Europe in May 2022!

✈️ We fly from Nashville, Tennessee to New York on JetBlue.
🥂 Then we spend an afternoon in the Priority Pass Lounge, thanks to another travel credit card.
✈️ And finally we fly from New York to Geneva, Switzerland on SWISS.


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​​✅ FREE Airport Lounge access
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✅ And more!

😎 By the way, stick around because we’re going to spend 5 MONTHS in Europe this summer.
(And we’ve already spent 3+ years here on-and-off).

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We’re Jana and Brett — Aplins in the Alps — a travel couple exploring Europe.

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