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Give Me Apple Store or Give Me Death – Tech News Weekly 56


MIT’s BeeMe, Holiday Gift Guide

–1:44 This year for Halloween, MIT researchers allowed the Internet to control an actual human for a few hours. Niccolo Pescetelli joins to share some of the surprises from the live stream, and what lessons can be gleaned about humanity.
–14:21 Internet connected thermometer Kinsa is helping Clorox determine who to market their flu medicine to. Sapna Maheshwari from the New York Times talks about the ethics behind this, and whether regulation might help.
–25:36 Apple’s latest hardware announcement revealed a new iPad Pro, MacBook Air, and a long awaited update to the Mac mini. 9to5Mac’s Bradley Chambers has thoughts on the best tech from the event.
–42:35 It’s officially holiday shopping season, and to drive that point home, CNET’s Editor-in-Chief Lindsey Turrentine shows off all the tech that will be highly sought after this Christmas by tech enthusiasts aound the world.

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