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Heart Broken Stories in Las Vegas | Hostel Life in USA


Did you ever travel after having your heart broken? The friends I met in this hostel in Vegas did it.

What happens in Las Vegas is not a secret: parties, casinos, alcohol, and people looking for funny moments. RotaBlue is a series about the hostel lifestyle. We interview guests

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This episode is located in Las Vegas at Hostel Cat.


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Planning on staying in a hostel for the first time?
Searching to get free accommodation in exchange for work as a hostel volunteer?

RotaBlue is a youtube show that will give you all the inspiration you need to know to leave home and have an amazing time in a hostel around the world.

It involves meeting new people, discovering new cultures, developing personal skills, and saving money.

Give it a try and see why hostel life is better than real life!

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