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Hoda Kotb, Savannah Guthrie Predict Kids’ Takes on Halloween Costumes


Sometimes impressing kids can feel like walking a tightrope.
Just ask Today hosts Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie, who both soared above and beyond when they dressed up as Cirque du Soleil performers for Halloween. And although the audience and crew were amazed with their attire, the pair predict their kids will have quite a few thoughts.
“I think our kids are going to be a little shocked when they see us,” Savannah, who is mom to Vale, 7, and Charles, 5, exclusively told E! News, noting they will ask, “‘Why do you look like sea creatures from a terrible swamp that you never wanna be in?'”


Meanwhile, Hoda—who has two daughters, Haley, 5, and Hope, 3—noted that her girls “will be like, ‘Why do you have your bathing suit on?’ You look cray, Mom.'”

The Today show crew have famously had a ghoulish time partaking in the scariest day of the year. And as Savannah pointed out, to not celebrate would feel, well, eerie. “Everyone loves it from behind-the-scenes to in front of the camera,” she shared. “Everyone loves this tradition; we can’t ever give it up.”

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