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Holiday Shopping 2022: 20 Gifts Under $50 Your Faves Are Sure To Love


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It’s official: Seasonal changes are everywhere we look. Our lattes are going from Pumpkin to Peppermint Mocha. Spooky decorations are being swapped out for turkeys and elves who sit on shelves. It feels like we should know which Daylight Saving period is right around the corner, but no one really knows which is Standard and which isn’t, right?

I’ll get to the point: It’s about to be the holiday season, y’all. And that means big shopping ahead. We’re leaving tricks behind with the fall and moving full steam ahead to treats for the winter.  However, all those treats can really start to pile up, so it’s best to set a budget.

With some careful planning, no one has to get bumped to the naughty list just for financial purposes. To help you out, we’ve put together this list of 20 gifts under $50 that will sure to make a Dancer and Prancer out of anyone you’re shopping for.

If you’re shopping for me, feel free to do so Supermarket Sweep-style. Within the budget, of course. 

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