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Japan's largest robot exhibition | Implanting chips into the brain | High-Tech News.


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You are on the PRO Robots channel and today we present you with high-tech news. An exhibition of robot chefs in Japan, tracking technology through walls, augmented reality lenses and chip implantation without opening the skull. All the most interesting technology news of the week in one issue!

0:00 Intro
0:20 Robot exhibition in Japan
2:08 Device for observing people through walls
2:45 Neurotransplantation technology
3:22 Successful surgeries using Hominis surgical robots
3:58 The World’s Largest Robot
4:22 Robots for the European lunar mission
4:48 NASA creates underwater robots
5:48 Rocket Lab successfully launched the CAPSTONE mission probe
6:18 Contact lenses with augmented reality
7:12 Unique VR-suit
8:03 Myoshirt – a soft exoskeleton for the upper body
8:51 Tesla
10:00 Cruise Robotics Taxi
10:17 A two-legged robot for $200
10:30 A submersible mining robot
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