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Jinkx Monsoon Wants to Host Saturday Night Live in Drag


While putting the SNL dream out into the universe, Jinkx has already manifested a sketch comedy vehicle of her own in Sketchy Queens, premiering Sept. 15 on WOWPresents Plus, the company behind Trixie Mattel and Katya‘s hit series UNHhhh. Described as “Portlandia meets The Kids in the Hall,” Jinkx created the show with Liam Krug, with whom she shares a fateful connection.

“We were born and raised in Portland, Oregon. We went to the same middle school and high school, just years apart,” Jinkx said. “We had never met until the pandemic. We met because we are both still good friends with our high school theater teacher, who just happens to be a lesbian icon in Portland. We met by still being in contact with her and realized we had very, very similar senses of humor.”

The series allows for Jinkx to show off her trademark, referential sense of humor, including one sketch in particular where she plays both roles in a phone conversation between Jennifer Coolidge and Jennifer Tilly.

It’s the combination of Jinkx’s sensibilities and Liam’s modern edge, Jinkx argued, that makes Sketchy Queens sing.

“When we work together, we take my Old Hollywood references and my millennial affinity for non sequitur and absurdity, and then combine it with his Gen Z, quick cut, very rapid thinking,” she said. “He is wonderfully esoteric. The combo of us together produces really, really weird ideas, and I think really fun results.”

See for yourself when Sketchy Queens premieres Sept. 15 on WOWPresents Plus.

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