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LSU White House visit turns into slam dunk for Jill Biden, Angel Reese


After the Tigers’ win, Jill Biden said Iowa should also be invited to the White House after praising Iowa’s sportsmanship. In recent decades, the White House has usually hosted only champions.

LSU player Angel Reese tweeted a link to the story of Jill Biden’s comments and said, “A JOKE,” along with three rolling-on-floor-laughing emojis. Reese declined an invitation to the White House but later said she would go because it’s what’s “best for the team.”

On Friday, Reese and Jill Biden shared a hug.

“In this room, I see the absolute best of the best,” Jill Biden said.

President Joe Biden, who also welcomed the team to the White House, said he sees “hope, pride and purpose” in the team.

“Folks, we need to support women’s sports, not just during the championship run, for the entire year and every season,” Joe Biden said.

The Bidens later welcomed members of the University of Connecticut men’s basketball team following their national championship victory.

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