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New York USA. The largest city in the US. People, Sights and more


They call it the capital of the world. Let’s see what it’s really like. Pros & Cons of Living in NYC
0:00 Beginning
1:29 History of New York
2:46 Manhattan
3:09 Times Square
3:48 Central Park
4:50 Harlem
6:10 Central Park Interviews
7:59 Fifth Avenue
8:58 Wall Street
10:26 Best observatories of NYC
13:04 Greenwich village
14:35 SoHo
14:51 Chinatown
16:14 Little Italy
14:43 Chelsea
17:31 TriBeCa
18:08 Billionaires’ Row
18:22 Downsides of NYC
19:46 Garbage problem
20:34 Parks of Manhattan
20:28 Driving in New York
24:13 NYC Subway
26:28 Museums of New York
28:36 There’s always something to do!
30:11 NYC Food
31:05 Brooklyn
35:59 Queens
37:28 The Bronx
37:56 Staten Island
38:16 Crime
39:00 Housing in NYC
39:46 what’s outside of NYC?
40:52 What makes NYC the best city?

Turned out to be a long video. almost a Documentary about New York City. Hope you enjoy it


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