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Paid Family Leave extension: How do I extend my PFL?


The one silver lining to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic was that several large corporations in the USA started to realize that a large section of their workforce could complete a majority of their tasks from the comfort of their homes.

With advances in technology now making it easier for individuals to perform their duties irrespective of where they are located, several multinational firms, including the likes of Facebook, now Meta, Microsoft, and Spotify now offering their employees the chance to work remotely either indefinitely or partially.

The other benefit being touted by these firms is unlimited paid time off, meaning that employees could take any number of vacations they desire, provided their output fulfills the requirement of their roles. Once again it is the tech giants facilitating this initiative, meaning that if you don’t work for a company based in Silicon Valley, chances are these benefits won’t extend to you.

That said, if you do require time off to care for a family member, several states offer Paid Family Leave, which ensures that you continue receiving some part of your pay check as you tend to your family member.

What is Paid Family Leave?

Paid Family Leave (PFL), essentially acts as a wage protection scheme that allows eligible individuals to receive short-term wage replacement benefits if they are unable to work and are in danger of losing wages when they need time off work for family leave.

In the state of California, for example, PFL grants eligible individuals up to 60 or 70 percent of the weekly wages they were earning 18 months before their claim start date.

How do you extend a PFL claim?

Keep in mind that it is possible to extend your PFL claim. However, you will have to fill out a form informing the state government of the new event or the extension of the current event period.

In the state of California, those looking to extend their PFL will have to fill out and submit a new DE 2501F form.

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