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Party In The USA/Love Me (Live from La Vida Coffee + Market)


If you loved our cover of “Hypotheticals” with Savannah Smith from La Vida Coffee + Market, get ready for another CRAZY moment from the show with K’Saan Preston’s mashup of “Party In The USA” and his original song, “Love Me”! If you’ve ever seen K’Saan perform live, you know this a classic part of all his shows. We had a blast featuring it in this show, as we do any time we get to play with K’Saan. Feel free to like, comment, and share if you dig it!

Drums: Evan Hasker
Bass: Jonah Horton
Keys: Carter Bowen
Electric Guitar: Austin Brown
Acoustic Guitar/BGVs: TJ Lawson
Lead Vocals: K’Saan Preston

Videography Director/Camera Op: Braden Shealy of Badger Media
Camera Ops: Forrest Reeder and Hunter Richards
FOH/Multitrack Engineer: Ryan Townsend
Mixing/Mastering: TJ Lawson

We do not own the rights to this music.


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