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Peter Thomas Roth 75% Off Deals: Shop These Game-Changing Products


These pads are said to exfoliate the skin to reveal a clear, youthful glow. The brand recommends that people with dry skin start out using them 1-2 times a week, eventually building up to 4-5 times, depending on your skin’s tolerance. If your skin is on the oily side, start with daily use and see how your skin responds.

“I definitely love what it does for my skin. I have tried several different types of acids from other brands and this is by far the best. It leaves my skin feeling soft as butter and it doesn’t irritate the skin on my neck which can be sensitive to skincare products. Make sure to follow instructions. Even a quick 60 second treatment is effective for me,” a PTR shopper wrote.

Another claimed, “Plastic Surgeon couldn’t believe my age!!” That same shopper revealed, “I am constantly getting compliments on my skin! When people find out how old I am they don’t believe me!! I am 45, and people think early to mid-thirties at best… I’ll take it for sure!!! Especially, considering the hyper pigmentation was so bad on my face at one point, I was embarrassed to go anywhere.”

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