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Real estate in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, USA in 2021: market trends, dynamics, outlook, opportunities


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This time, I talked to Derek Bicksler, from Harrisburg Pennsylvania, USA.

Lance has a lot of experience in real estate in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, USA and gives us an overview about the local market and the trends in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, USA.

I hope you like it and finally no audio clitches! 🙂

0:20 Introduction
3:15 Overview of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
7:40 Derek´s business focus
10:45 Current state of the real estate market in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
13:15 Mortgage lending
15:16 Working with banks in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and in the USA in general
18:40 Important reasons on why hiring a professional real estate agent
22:45 Activities and service provided by a good real estate agent
24:23 Deployment of technologies to market listings nowadays
26:45 Real estate marketing tips by Derek
30:00 Reasons to hire a real estate sellers agent
34:15 Tax situation in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
37:00 Interesting districts to buy real estate in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
39:20 ROI opportuntities and cash flow listings for less money
42:00 Real estate bubble in Pennsylvania?
45:00 Local appraisals by the municipalities vs market appraisals
47:55 Contact information

You can contact him via:
001 717 571 4994


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