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Rent crisis: can TikTok landlords save the property market?


Do you hate your landlord? You wouldn’t be alone if you do because the UK is in a rent crisis, and the only people who seem excited about ‘property investing’ are the TikTok landlords who want to make you rich. [Watch the first episode in this series here:]

Landlords say the worst housing crisis in decades is not their fault. And they’re sick of being cast as the “slumlord,” “parasite,” “bad boys”.

Years of government tax changes and tougher regulation, paired with soaring mortgage rates and new rental reform, has many traditional landlords saying it’s not worth being a landlord anymore and warning of a “mass exodus” from the market.

And experts insist that would be bad news for renters.

But while those who’ve been in the business for years threaten to leave, a whole new generation of landlords are coming onto the market – and they’re doing it via TikTok.

Rebranding themselves as ‘property investors’, these #PropertyTok landlords are teaching their social media followers how to buy and rent out property to tenants – and get rich in the process. So will these influencer landlords save renters?

Produced, presented and edited: Milena Dambelli
Produced, filmed and edited: Frances Rankin
Executive Producer: Kieron Bryan


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