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St. Lucie County Deputy Shoots Man With Gun Instead Of Taser


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Fort Pierce, Florida — On September 6, 2022, around 4:19 pm, a St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office Deputy responded to a report of a despondent man on the bridge. Deputy Courtney Hoyt’s body camera video shows Dylan De Reivera threatening to jump off the North Causeway Bridge. Hoyt spent several minutes talking to De Reivera before he jumped onto a lower platform and took off running. Deputy Hoyt said that’s when she spotted him taking something from his pocket. Investigators said it was a knife. Deputy Hoyt eventually caught up with De Reivera in her patrol car, and she had backup.

Deputy Jorge Mendez, arrived to find De Reivera walking along the sidewalk and ordered him to the ground, which he ignored. De Reivera continued to ignore the commands while walking toward the deputy. Deputy Mendez backed away from De Reivera and fired his Taser at De Reivera. The first shock sent De Reivera to the ground. For the next 30 seconds, De Reivera struggled with deputies as they tried to put him in handcuffs. He removed the probes from the Taser, and during the struggle, he picked up the Taser that belonged to Deputy Mendez. Deputy Hoyt told her fellow deputy to back up and charge his Taser. De Reivera got back on his feet and ran in the general direction of motorists.

Deputy Hoyt drew her firearm and shot De Reivera in the upper leg. The gunshot didn’t stop De Reivera as he continued to run away from deputies but is quickly apprehended by other officers. He was arrested on charges including resisting officer with violence, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and battery on a law enforcement officer. The State Attorney’s investigation concluded that Hoyt thought she was firing her taser, not her gun. Therefore, they have recommended Hoyt not be charged with a crime. The sheriff’s office said Hoyt joined as a trainee in 2019 and has never had disciplinary issues. The sheriff, however, determined that Hoyt violated department policies and suspended her. She is required to undergo remedial training. De Reivera is expected to make a full recovery.

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