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THAILAND 🇹🇭 vs USA 🇺🇸 TOP 10 CULTURE SHOCKS // Americans Living in Thailand


As expected, moving to an entirely new country will come with its own share of differences and difficulties. In this vlog we discuss some of the biggest culture shocks we’ve faced while living in Thailand as Americans and just how we have either adapted…or not.

From Thai food, to the cost of living, to squatty potty’s, and the pace of life we cover it all. So make sure to watch it and let us know if you have also experienced any culture shocks in moving from the USA, or any other country, to Thailand! We would love to hear form you!

I would like to also point out this video is strictly of our own personal views, opinions, and cultural shocks here in Thailand. Many people will not experience these as culture shocks, while some will. This is just our observation of some very prominent differences and nothing more! WE LOVE THAILAND and are very proud to be American!

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Why We Moved To Thailand:

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