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The FBoy Island Trailer Is Proof Season 2 Is Sexier Than Ever


FBoy Island is turning up the heat in season two.

HBO Max released the trailer for FBoy Island season two June 30, revealing there’s no shortage of attractive men for leads Mia Emani Jones, Louise Barnard and Tamaris Sepulveda to choose from. But if the ladies want to win $100,000, they can’t be distracted by the 26 mens’ taut muscles, dreamy smiles and overall good looks. 

“Half of the men are nice guys and the other half—FBoys,” host Nikki Glaser says in the trailer. “Who’s here for love? Who’s here for cash? Who here has chlamydia?”

It’s up to Mia, Louise and Tamaris to decide—although, we’re hoping they find out the answer to the third question sooner than later.

By the end of their Cabo vacation, the girls will choose the men they think are the nice guys. If they’re right, the couples will split $100,000, but if they pick wrong, they go home empty-handed and the FBoy gets all the money to themselves.

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