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The Fed is Killing Banks. Will the Stock Market Crash Next?


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Silicon Valley Bank and Silvergate Bank collapsed in less than two days when FDIC regulators seized control. In that time, the bank’s stock price fell over 60%, a $42 billion bank run was sparked and a liquidity crisis ensued. Now, Credit Suisse is on the verge of collapse, looking to borrow more than $53 Billion to stay afloat. These bank collapses are making stock market investors ask whether Jerome Powell and the Federal Reserve can keep raising interest rates as fast as they have been in order to fight inflation. But the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, Silvergate Bank and potentially Credit Suisse all have two thing in common: very poor risk management and high amounts of uninsured deposits. Yikes!

Add in the most recent inflation data (Core CPI +0.5% month over month) and the picture changes. Here’s why the Federal Reserve may not pivot as much as the stock market currently thinks and why that could lead to a bigger crash for stocks (and bonds) in the future. Even the best stocks to buy now may not be safe.

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