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In a recent video (, I demonstrated and analyzed the Top 10 Most Famous pool shots by the Greatest of All Time (GOAT): Efren Reyes. In this video, I present the Top 10 Most Famous Shots by everybody else. I try to recreate them, and I give advice for how to be successful if you want to give them a try.

This is part of the “Most Famous Pool Shots” series:

– on shot 5, Corey was playing 1-pocket (not 10-ball), so it was a two-way shot where he was getting the 8 away from his opponent’s pocket while also having a chance to pocket the 10.
– on shot 10, Shane was playing 10-ball, which is a call-pocket game, so he intentionally tried to make the 10 (or leave the 3 bad if he didn’t). If he had called the 3 instead, the 10 would spot and his opponent would shoot.

List of Shots with Source Video Links and Time Stamps [mm:ss]:
Intro [0:00]
1. Chris Melling – amazing shot sequence [0:19]:
2. Alain Martel – incredible rail-jump-carom safety escape [2:45]:
3. Corey Deuel – fancy power draw across the table [4:20]:
4. Corey Deuel – jump draw off the end cushion for up-table position [5:47]:
5. Corey Deuel – kick carom off 1 rail for the win [6:54]:
6. Earl Strickland – two-rail kick combo for the win [8:06]:
7. Jeffrey DeLuna – full-table-length power draw with side [8:59]:
8. Luong Dung – 3-foul-rule jump escape [10:12]:
9. Shane VanBoening – two-way shot carom for the Mosconi Cup win [11:34]:
10. Shane VanBoening – jump two-rail bank combo for the win [12:32]:
BONUS SHOT. Efren Reyes – stop spin-transfer-bank kiss into the side [14:16]:
Wrap Up [15:14]
– shot montage [15:57]

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– Earl “The Pearl” Strickland merchandise:
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