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U.S. GDP jumps 2.6% in Q3, surpassing market expectations


美 3분기 성장률 2.6%…시장 예상 넘어 올해 첫 플러스 성장

The U.S. economy has rebounded in the third quarter of the year.
According to a report by the Bureau of Economic Analysis on Thursday,… America’s GDP rose 2-point-6 percent in the third quarter,… surpassing expectations.
This was the first period of positive growth recorded in 2022.
A narrowing trade deficit as well as an increase in consumer spending were the major drivers behind the GDP growth.
Pundits, however, forecast that such growth is unlikely to be sustained,… adding that exports will soon fade and domestic demand is diminishing amid higher interest rates.

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2022-10-28, 09:00 (KST)


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