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U.S. Presidential Elections – American Culture & English Vocabulary


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0:01 Introduction: U.S. Presidential Elections
0:31 Frequency of elections, length of a term
0:50 Timing of elections
1:05 Primary elections and caucuses
1:26 Timing and rules of the primaries
1:57 Secret ballot
Bonus Fact 1
2:28 Candidate, nominee
3:02 Campaign
3:16 Bonus fact 2
3:29 National conventions
4:11 Running mates, vice presidential picks
4:24 Campaign trail
4:37 Red, blue, and swing states
5:05 Bonus fact 3
5:16 Delegates and electors
6:31 Popular vote vs. vote by the Electoral college
7:01 Rules of the Electoral College
7:13 Bonus fact 4
7:21 Polling (voting) locations
7:40 Timeline of elections
8:16 Bonus fact 5
8:46 Lesson ending

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