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Why Norman Reedus Says Walking Dead Spin-Off Is So “Different”


Get ready for a whole new kind of zombie story.

Norman Reedus, whose 11 season journey as Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead came to an end during the Nov. 20 series finale, says there’s plenty more in store from his highly-anticipated upcoming Daryl-centric spin-off—but fans should prepare themselves for an abrupt shift.

“It’s very different,” Norman exclusively told E! News. “It’s different in tone. It’s different in photography style. It sounds different. I’m shooting in castles and stuff.”

In the aforementioned finale, Maggie (Lauren Cohan) sends Daryl on a discovery mission to France, which is where the spin-off will take place.

“The light in France is different than the light in America,” Norman explained. “The tone, the way people work is different over there. It’s a very singular vision. It’s a tunnel vision story, and things are happening right away. With The Walking Dead, there will be 15 cameras and 15 angles of me walking across the street. There, it’s simplified.”

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