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Chevy Chase took a nasty fall while on stage at a screening of  Christmas Vacation on Wednesday, December 6. The comedy legend, 80, had a major spill off the stage while entering for a Q&A about the classic National Lampoon holiday flick at the Shea’s Performing Arts Center in Buffalo. Fortunately, Chevy appeared okay in the video, shared by TMZ

Chevy appeared to be making a somewhat strange entrance, as he was rolled out in a wheelchair. The Community star quickly lept up though and shook hands and hugged his wife Jayni, who was one of the moderators for the evening. Fans were cheering loudly as he soaked in the applause. During the excited reaction, he walked to the edge of the stage and seemingly took a step too far. He fell off the front of the stage, and his wife and the host ran up to help him up.

After the two hosts gave him a hand, he stood triumphantly on the edge of the stage. The audience cheered even harder for Chevy, as he went to get settled in his chair. Before the conversation began though, Chevy’s smartwatch appeared to notify him that he had “taken a hard fall,” and he needed some assistance. “My watch is talking to me. It says, ‘I see you’ve taken a great fall,’” he said. He appeared to have a good sense of humor about the whole ordeal though.

The hosts joked that they didn’t want an ambulance to arrive at the show or paramedics to run down the aisles of the theater. Audience members told TMZ that he handled the rest of the event by icing his knee. Insiders also told the outlet that he didn’t see where to step due to the bright stage lights.

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Chevy is currently in the middle of a short tour where he’ll do audience Q&A’s following a screening of the 1989 holiday comedy Christmas Vacation. The father of four has five more appearances scheduled before wrapping up his run of shows for the year.

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