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Raven-Symone, 38, took to Instagram on Saturday to wish her late brother Blaize a Happy Birthday. The actress shared video and photos of her beloved sibling, who passed away from cancer at the age of 32, and added a heartbreaking message.

“Happy Birthday @cblaizep. You were intelligent, kind, stubborn, and the peacemaker of the bunch,” she wrote in the beginning of the post. “Your humor and willingness to try anything will be cherished and maintained by those you left behind. Your grace and selflessness in the final days is something to be admired. I love, miss, and will always be Reva to my lil brother. So many words to describe you, so many moments to remember you by, so many lives you’ve touched, and so many random things you’ve eaten.”

Raven continued her caption with another message of advice and encouragement to her followers. “Life is short, and shorter if you don’t take care of your health,” she wrote. “Get screened, tested, regularly doctor visits, don’t ingest poison disguised as food, exercise and take care of your mental health. Too many young people are leaving this planet because of cancer, tumors, sickness. Keep track of your sugars, know what’s happening with the body. It’s your one time in this vessel don’t waste it. You will be missed by me and sooooo many others. Enjoy the next level@of the game brother.”

Raven’s latest post comes just a few days after she announced Blaize’s death from colon cancer on her social media account. “I love you Blaize. His birthday is December 16th and forever will be,” she said in a video that can be seen below. “I love you guys. My family on Instagram, my family at home, and my family and friends, you guys have been such an amazing support system, and I love you all. Have a wonderful holiday season.”

She also thanked her fans for their birthday wishes after celebrating her own special day on December 10, in the caption for the clip.  “Thank you [for] all the love yesterday. It was felt beyond. Hard to fully celebrate knowing that I’m here and he is not,” she shared.

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