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This is Pat’s garden, she’s in the UK and here’s what she did with her blank canvas garden after completing the Fast-Track Garden Design Formula Course…

I first discovered Rachel when she came to design my previous garden some 14/15 yrs ago. Moving to a new build house and starting a new garden from scratch I tried to find Rachel again for help and discovered her Successful Garden Design website and was inspired to have a go at designing it myself this time – with Rachel’s ‘virtual’ help and guidance.

I pestered the builders for my new garden dimensions and enrolled in the course. I spent the next few months discovering the technical and creative skills, gaining inspiration from all the beautiful designs shown in the many videos both on the course and free ones.

After a few weeks I felt ready to put pencil on paper following Rachel’s instructions to play around with design rather than detail and after many (many) freehand sketches I was able to create what I felt was exactly what I wanted … a beautiful garden with exactly the right proportions of planting, grass, pond and patio for our needs.

I was even able to identify the differing levels and work out with my landscaper how to rectify and work them Into the design. The pond was the most difficult thing, getting my landscaper to see the vision which I didn’t really have the skills to draw. So I trawled the internet and supplemented my sketches with screenshots of ponds that I liked and hoped to use as inspiration.

There was a point when my natural boulder and pebble pond was looking more like a well, and I had to be quite assertive to insist on the marginal shelf being raised and the finished height lowered. I think the landscaper thought he would just place boulders around the top of the circumference which would have looked so unnatural, but using pictures and diagrams showing the stones disappearing into the pond as well as around, we finally got there. I absolutely loved doing the course, watching and learning from the videos snd am absolutely thrilled with the results.

Congratulations to Pat for achieving a lovely garden. I look forward to seeing it develop as the planting grows. I’m so pleased she put what she learned in the course to such good use!

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