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Love it or hate it, And Just Like That is a hit. The Sex And The City revival series has become a must-watch show each week. From Aidan and Carrie’s reunion to Samantha’s upcoming return, And Just Like That always has fans buzzing with reactions.

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker and John Corbett in the season 2 finale. (Max)

For weeks leading up to the finale, we couldn’t help but wonder about the fate of the series. But fans don’t have to worry — And Just Like That will return in 2025, minus one notable supporting character, Sara Ramirez‘s Che Diaz. The And Just Like That season 2 finale left several storylines open-ended, which will serve the show well when it comes back for a third season. So, what do we know about season 3? HollywoodLife is addressing all your burning questions.

And Just Like That Season 3 Premiere Date

You’ve probably been asking: Is there going to be an And Just Like That season 3? The answer is yes! Max announced on August 22 that And Just Like That had been renewed for a third season.

“We are thrilled to spend more time in the Sex And The City universe telling new stories about the lives of these relatable and aspirational characters played by these amazing actors. And Just Like That… here comes season 3,” executive producer Michael Patrick King said in a statement.

Cynthia Nixon
Cynthia Nixon as Miranda. (Max)

Sarah Aubrey, Head of Original Content, also said, “We are delighted to share that since the launch of season two, And Just Like That… ranks as the #1 Max Original overall, and is the most-watched returning Max Original to date. As we approach the highly anticipated season finale on Thursday, we raise our cosmos to Michael Patrick King and his magnificent team of writers, producers, cast, and crew who continue to charm us, 25 years later, with dynamic friendships and engaging stories. We cannot wait for audiences to see where season three will take our favorite New Yorkers.”

According to a February 2024 report by Variety, the show will begin production later in 2024, with a release date sometime in 2025.

And Just Like That Season 3 Cast

And Just Like That hasn’t confirmed its cast for season 3 yet, but Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis will return. What’s And Just Like That without Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte?

Kristin Davis
Kristin Davis as Charlotte York Goldenblatt. (Max)

The main supporting cast will likely return as well for season 3. This includes Sarita Choudhury as Seema, Nicole Ari Parker as Lisa, Karen Pittman as Nya, Mario Cantone as Anthony, David Eigenberg as Steve, Evan Handler as Harry, Christopher Jackson as Herbert, Niall Cunningham as Brady, Cathy Ang as Lily, and Alexa Swinton as Rock.

According to a February 2024 report by Variety, however, Sara Ramirez will not be returning to the show as nonbinary standup comedian Che Diaz. Sources claimed to the outlet that Sara was not fired for their political views or their Instagram presence, both of which had recently sparked controversy, with a spokesperson for MAX declining to comment.

One of the biggest questions ahead of the season 2 finale and the upcoming third season is all about Aidan. Will John Corbett come back for season 3? Aidan Shaw made his triumphant return in the second season of And Just Like That. Aidan and Carrie rekindled their romance after so many years apart and seem genuinely happy together. Carrie even bought a new apartment to start the next chapter of her life with Aidan.

John Corbett
John Corbett and Sarah Jessica Parker as Aidan and Carrie. (Max)

At the end of season 2’s penultimate episode, Aidan’s teen son, Wyatt, got into an accident in Virginia while Aidan was in New York with Carrie. Aidan broke down in tears over not being there for his son. The terrifying situation left Aidan and Carrie’s relationship up in the air. In the finale, Aidan ended things with Carrie temporarily. He asked Carrie to give him 5 years so he could be there for his kids. While it seems like Aidan will be back in Virginia for the time being, he could pop up again in season 3.

Will Samantha Return In And Just Like That Season 3?

Samantha Jones graced us with her presence in the highly-anticipated And Just Like That season 2 finale on August 24. This marked Kim Cattrall’s first appearance in the revival series.

Kim Cattrall
Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones in the ‘And Just Like That’ season 2 finale. (Max)

As Carrie got ready for her last supper in her apartment, Samantha called her. She was going to surprise Carrie by flying from London to New York for Carrie’s dinner. Unfortunately, Samantha’s flight was delayed. Samantha was able to pay her respects to Carrie’s apartment over the phone. The phone call was brief but monumental for fans of the series.

After the phone call ended, Samantha sweetly kissed her phone. And Just Like That showrunner Michael Patrick King revealed that moment was not in the script during the finale edition of the show’s official podcast. He also admitted that this phone call wasn’t some “giant moment” between them.

“Always, in my multiverse of And Just Like That/Sex and the City, they were always talking. Always. Texting and talking and not just Carrie but Samantha and Miranda and Charlotte,” he explained. “We had laid off the texting this season because I felt we were going to the well too much.”

Kim’s appearance was first revealed in June 2023. The Golden Globe winner reportedly shot her scene in March without seeing or speaking to Sarah Jessica Parker or Michael, according to Variety. Ahead of the episode, the scene was revealed to be a phone conversation between Samantha and Carrie. In the season 2 finale preview, fans got to see Carrie get a call from Samantha. In the season 1 finale, Carrie and Samantha agreed to meet up offscreen after they had a falling out.

Kim had previously said she would not return to the role of Samantha Jones in the revival series. Thankfully, she changed her mind.

The actress opened up about her exciting return during a June 29 interview. “I don’t think I’ll ever say goodbye to Samantha. She’s like a lot of other characters that I’ve done over the years. I get very emotionally attached and protective of my characters,” Kim gushed on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna. “She gave me so much, and I’m so appreciative of her.”

As for how it felt playing Samantha again, Kim said, “It felt like dipping my toe back in time and having a wonderful afternoon and then a great martini.” When asked if she’d return for season 3, Kim responded, “That’s as far as I’m going to go.”

Despite their past feud, SJP revealed to ET that she was “really excited” about Kim’s return. “I thought it was a really good idea and I was thrilled that, you know, we could make it happen and that it worked for her and it’s just really nice to see. It’s really nice. I was really pleased,” she added.

Michael admitted to Forbes that “something shifted emotionally in the universe” leading up to Kim’s return. “All of a sudden, it manifested that Kim was like, ‘I’ll play Samantha for you for this little, sweet treat.’ So, I don’t know whether it’s about the nostalgia for the 25th, which is great. For me, it’s a great treat for the fans,” he said. “It was fun to write Samantha again. It’s great to see her in the show.”

What Happened At The End Of And Just Like That Season 2?

The And Just Like That season 2 finale featured several beginnings and endings. In addition to Samantha’s return, Aidan and Carrie’s relationship was put on pause. Carrie officially moved out of her apartment and into her new one.

Cynthia Nixon
Cynthia Nixon as Miranda Hobbes. (Max)

Che and Miranda addressed their relationship after Che’s mean comedy club jokes. They settled things between them and agreed their relationship was a “train wreck.” Miranda also had an honest conversation with Steve, and they’re starting a new chapter as just friends. Towards the end of the episode, Miranda got a last-minute call to do a spot on BBC and totally nailed it.

Carrie didn’t wallow in Aidan leaving New York to go back to Virginia for good. She decided to look ahead. Instead of going to the Hamptons with Seema for the summer, the girls went all the way to Greece.

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