Andrew Tate Arrested After Adin Ross Blabs His Escape Plan


Besties don’t snitch on each other, but I guess controversial Kick streamer Adin Ross didn’t get that memo. According to a recent Rolling Stone report, the 20-something content creator accidentally ratted out his homie Andrew Tate during a livestream sometime last week, which apparently landed the self-professed internet misogynist back behind Romanian prison bars following a U.K. arrest warrant.

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On March 12, Rolling Stone confirmed that the Tate brothers, Andrew and Tristan, were re-arrested by Romanian authorities based on a tip they received about the duo’s plan to leave Romania. While it’s unclear who delivered the tip, the publication noted that the firm McCue Law, which represents the women accusing the Tates of rape and sexual assault, learned about the brothers’ plans via a Kick livestream by Adin Ross, a friend of the Tates. As Rolling Stone discovered by viewing a clip from the stream, at one point Ross read a direct message from Andrew to his viewers. (The clip wasn’t linked in the original Rolling Stone story but can be viewed here.)

“Andrew had hit me up,” Ross can be seen saying. “He said, ‘Hey, I’m gonna be leaving Romania soon and probably never coming back. If you want to come over and do a week of long streams and content before I leave, I think it’ll be big. And it’s never’—I’m sorry, he said, ‘It’s basically now or never.’”

The Tates were previously arrested in December 2022. Employing something Andrew referred to as the “loverboy method,” the duo lured in and subjugated women using intimidation and surveillance and, through manipulation and abuse, coerced them into performing in exploitative videos, authorities have claimed.

A spokesperson for the Tates told Rolling Stone that neither of them intended to flee Romania to dodge judicial proceedings, explaining that Ross may have “misconstrue[d] Andrew’s message.” Eugen Vidineac, the Tates’ counsel, said there’s “no truth” to what Ross read live, ardently expressing the brothers’ intent to “actively [participate] in the legal process” in order to defend their reputation.

Kotaku has reached out to Ross and Tate for comment.

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Whether intentional or not, what Adin Ross read from Andrew Tate seems to have had severe consequences. Here I thought that when you’re the Top G, you get to do whatever you want, whenever you want. But, as Tate has said in various books of his, “You are the only person who can mess this up.” Well, guess what, Tate? You messed this up. Hope the trial goes well.


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