Instagram is Experimenting with an Option to Add Files to Your DMs


What if you could send files in your IG DMs?

That may soon be an option, with app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi uncovering this process in the back-end data of the app.

Instagram files in DMs

As you can see in this example, Instagram’s experimenting with a new option that would let you add files to your messages as attachments.

Which is not overly surprising. You can already send documents within WhatsApp, and on Messenger (in limited capacity), and with Meta still working to integrate all of its messaging platforms into a single system, it makes sense that it would also need to replicate the functionality of each, to ensure full parity.

So, basically, every function within Messenger, IG Direct and/or WhatsApp will eventually be available in each other app, as that will then enable Meta to link them all together into a singular messaging system.

As such, I do think this is coming, and is more than just an experiment, which will provide expanded functionality within your IG DMs, and could be handy for brands looking to maintain connection with customers in the app.

I mean, it wouldn’t be a drastic change, particularly given that most people access IG on their mobile device, where they’re going to have fewer files to send either way. But it’s another element that could help.

Expect to see it rolling out to IG in the coming months.  

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