Quantum Leap – Cancelled by NBC after 2 Seasons

Quantum Leap has made its last jump.

The dynamic sci-fi series starring Raymond Lee and Caitlin Bassett will not be returning for Season 3 at NBC, TVLine has confirmed.

Season 2 saw Ben (Lee) resurface after having gone missing for three years, with the HQ team shutting down operations believing he was dead. This set up an emotionally turbulent journey as both he and Addison (Bassett) navigated a complicated breakup and new love interests.

The shortened, 13-episode sophomore run ended with a two-hour finale on Feb. 20 that revealed Ben’s new paramour Hannah (Eliza Taylor) had created a code to bring him home — the caveat being that someone would swap places with him. But things went awry when Addison, who ended her engagement with Tom (Peter Gadiot), voluntarily made the jump and wound up right alongside Ben in the past.

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